Walking Extrmadura by Gisela Radant Wood

I started this web site in the Summer of 2007. It was just after I came to live in the Sierra de Montánchez and realised there were unexplored walking opportunities available in the area. I wanted to share what I was discovering, firstly with family and friends and later, with the much wider, and international, walking community. Walking Extremadura will show you the beauty of walking in this area – and not just walking. This is also the place for painters, flower lovers, bird watchers, photographers, animal lovers and people who love history. That’s before we start on about lovers of good food and relaxed and enjoyable company. You will find all that and more in Extremadura.

On walkingextremadura.com you will find:
regularly written up walks and routes with descriptive text, maps and GPS points to locate walks accurately
a few historical notes on the routes and general information on walking in Extremadura
a lot of photography to tempt you here
how to get here and where to stay
links, changing pages and updates

To navigate this site use the horizontal menu bar at the top. All the walks can be found listed under the ‘walks’ button, then the area in which they are located geographically. It’s logical, I hope. The site has been made simple so that all of us spend less time on the computer and more time walking.
I have my boots on, ready, as I write.

Gisela Radant Wood

All photography and text on this site © Gisela Radant Wood
(Click on small photos to get a whole-screen view, then close by clicking the x in the top right corner.)
All maps are by Google
Walking News and Updates • 20th March 2015

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